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2 MM mayors furious over 2 gun owners in road rages


QUEZON City Mayor Joy Belmonte and Valenzuela City Mayor  Wes Gatchalian found themselves with a common denominator.

Both had in their respective turfs two almost similar road-rage incidents that went viral on social media with which the apparent arrogance and display of superiority were flaunted by two involved licensed gun owners against two hapless and petrified individuals.

As these incidents made the usually smiling Belmonte and  Gatchalian infuriated with the former even describing the first gun owner, dismissed policeman Wilfredo Gonzales who later was stripped of his gun license, ‘a menace to society.’

The second gun owner, Marlon Malabute, who’d likely be denied of his firearm, got the ire of the Valenzuela mayor who said he’d never tolerate abuses of others against others including his (Malabute) ‘bullying’ when he threatened a taxi driver named Henry Ong Jr. while brandishing a gun during a heated traffic altercation last August 19 in Barangay Punturin.

“We strictly implement laws here in Valenzuela; bullies have no place here,” the visibly incensed mayor said.

City police chief Office against Malabute.

In a video, Malabute was seen stepping out of his sports utility vehicle, running towards the victim, who’s driving his taxi at the time, while pulling a gun and threatening to shoot the latter.

P/Col. Salvador Destura, commended by the mayor for the swift action that led to Malabute’s identity and eventually his surrender to him, said that charges of grave threat and coercion and alarm and scandal have been filed before the City Prosecutor’s

In other CCTV footage, it could be seen that the SUV was running fast and attempted to overtake the taxicab.

Disappointed by the ‘quick’ amicable settlement between Gonzales and the cyclist figured in a heated traffic row,  Belmonte ordered the city’s People Law Enforcement Board to conduct a probe.

“This culture of impunity is not acceptable in QC and I have a duty and responsibility to maintain peace and order in our city and to send a strong message that acts such as those committed shall not be tolerated and that he must be held accountable,” the mayor said.

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