IN Bureau of Corrections  ongoing efforts to ensure the security and well-being of individuals deprived of liberty, Director General Gregorio Pio P. Catapang Jr. has issued a directive to all PDLs across the seven operating prison and penal farms nationwide to voluntarily dismantle their makeshift enclosures known as “kubols;” otherwise, the bureau will undertake the task.

Catapang, however, clarified that these kubols are not similar to the extravagant structures built during past administrations, which were occupied by more affluent PDLs. Rather, these structures are rudimentary dividers fashioned from plywood, constructed by the PDLs themselves. They serve as a means to achieve a modicum of privacy and create additional space, enabling more PDLs to be accommodated. While acknowledging the resourcefulness displayed by PDLs, Catapang emphasized the importance of uniformity and accountability.

“Nevertheless, we ask them to demolish it for transparency,” he stated.

At the New Bilibid Prison, significant progress has already been made in this endeavor. PDLs have voluntarily dismantled 60 makeshift rooms or kubols located in various sections of the facility. However, the process continues for the kubols in Quadrant 3 of the Maximum Security Compound.

Catapang issued a stern warning: Commencing Monday, any kubol still remaining within the NBP premises will be forcibly removed by BuCor personnel from the Diversified Maintenance Unit. To spearhead this operation, Catapang has entrusted the task of the Greyhound (Galugad) operation conducted regularly at the national penitentiary to newly appointed Deputy Director General for Operations Gil T. Torralba, who expressed his commitment to the mission when he declared, “Lilinisin natin ang BuCor, Sir.”

The significance of this endeavor reaches beyond mere structural changes. By dismantling the kubols, BuCor aims to ensure a contraband-free environment for PDLs.

“If they still refuse and are caught red-handed, I’m sorry to say that they will have to stay longer at NBP as we will not hesitate to file charges against them,” Catapang said.

This decisive action by BuCor’s leadership reflects a commitment to upholding the institution’s integrity and safeguarding the interests of both the NBP officers and staff and the PDLs.


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