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Miel Pangilinan, nag-lecture sa eating disorder!

Manila, Philippines – Na-offend si Miel Pangilinan sa komento ng isang pakialamerang netizen na nagbigay raw ng somewhat nasty commentaries tungkol sa kanyang weight problem.

Obvious na affected ang second daughter nina Sharon Cuneta at former Senator Kiko Pangilinan kaya she gave the netizen a piece of her mind.

“Youre so beautiful Miel but stop eating rice please,” the netizen commented.

Obvious na affected si Miel when she gave her reaction by way of her TikTok video.

Sinabi niyang she’s been receiving some comments from random netizens.

“This comment,” she said somewhat irritated, “was very unnecessary and unwarranted… it’s pretty offensive,” she further added.

Just because they are supposedly watching her content doesn’t give them the right to make some offensive comments.

“The thing is, right, I don’t know you, you don’t know me.

“And no matter how much of my content you consume, it does not give you the right, or the knowledge of what’s actually going on with my life for you to make this kind of comment, unless you were my parent, my sibling, or any kind of close friend.

“You do not make that kind of message for somebody on the internet.”

The message she was able to deliver was intented for all those who are sending some messages about her weight problem.

“And I just want to get this out there ‘coz there’s so many comments from people being worried about me, worried about my health, and it feels condescending and I’m very, very tired of it, I’m sorry…”

Idinagdag pa ni Miel na hindi raw kailangan ang mga ganitong klase ng messages dahil mayroon naman siyang mga magulang, mga kapatid at sariling nutritionist na nag-aalaga raw sa kanyang health.

She further added, “Just because I am online, just because I make content online, it does not give you the right to overstep your boundaries and stick your nose in other people’s business.”

After this, Miel admitted that she really has an eating disorder.

As a matter of fact, she added that for the past two years, she’s been trying to recover from “eating disorder, body-image issues…”

She also opened up about what she has been going through with this problem.

Part raw ng kanyang eating disorder ay ang very obsessive focus on carbs and trying to avoid it, causing her to lose a lot of nutrition at a very early teenage phase.

“And I’m just sharing this so I hope you understand why comment like this really do affect me,” Miel further explained.

This is the reason why she is trying to avoid comments criticizing her eating habit.

“I know you’re looking out for me, and I know you’re probably a very sweet person, but there needs to be a little bit more of awareness of boundaries, because this is not a comment you should be saying to a random stranger.”

Idinagdag niyang “unnecessary” raw ang mga ganitong komento at hindi basta-basta sinasabi o kinokomento kahit kanino.

Nag-sorry naman ang netizen sa comments section at tinanggap naman ito ni Miel. Pete Ampoloquio Jr.