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Lotto Draw Result as of | October 2, 2023

Grand Lotto 6/5547-02-04-44-54-2510/2/202329,700,000.000
Megalotto 6/4508-05-38-25-13-2910/2/202361,119,311.200
4D Lotto2-2-7-010/2/202355,899.0015
3D Lotto 2PM5-3-410/2/20234,500.00247
3D Lotto 5PM9-6-910/2/20234,500.00164
3D Lotto 9PM0-4-810/2/20234,500.00166
2D Lotto 2PM19-1210/2/20234,000.00398
2D Lotto 5PM05-2310/2/20234,000.00263
2D Lotto 9PM12-2110/2/20234,000.00482

Result source: pcso.gov.ph

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