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Tsina sa hirit na pagpapatalsik sa diplomats sa Pinas: ‘Stop provocations’

MANILA, Philippines- Inihirit ng China’s foreign ministry sa Pilipinas na itigil ang umano’y “provocations and infringements” sa gitna ng panawagang palasikin ang Chinese diplomats sa bansa dahil sa umano’y disinformation campaign.

“The Philippines’ response shows exactly their guilty conscience in the face of facts and evidence and how exasperated and desperate they have become,” pahayag ni Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lin Jian sa regular press conference noong May 10.

“We ask the Philippines to ensure that Chinese diplomats can carry out their duty normally, and to stop provocations and infringements,” dagdag niya.

Iginiit din nito na kailangan ng bansa “to quit denying the facts and must not make reckless moves that will only backfire on the Philippines itself.”

Sinabi ni National Security Adviser Eduardo Año noong Biyernes na an aksyon ng Chinese embassy na paglalabas ng “spurious transcripts or recordings of purported conversations between officials of the host country—should not be allowed to pass unsanctioned or without serious penalty.”

“Those individuals in the Chinese Embassy responsible for violating Philippine laws and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and those responsible for these malign influence and interference operations must be removed from the country immediately,” giit niya. RNT/SA