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Usapin ng death penalty sa bansa, binuhay kasunod ng pagbitay sa 2 Pinoy sa China

MANILA, Philippines – Muling iginiit ni Surigao del Norte Rep at House Committee on Dangerous Drugs Chairman Robert Ace Barbers na tutukan na ng mga mambabatas ang panukalang pagbuhay sa death penalty.

Ang panawagan ni Barbers sa Kamara at sa Senado ay kasunud ng pagbitay kamakailan ng China sa dalawang Pinoy na convicted sa drug trafficking case.

Katwiran ni Barbers, maraming Chinese nationals ang nahahatulan sa drug cases sa Pilipinas subalit hindi nabibitay habang sa ibang bansa gaya sa China ay maraming Pinoy ang hindi nakaliligtas sa mabigat na parusa.

“Our kababayans convicted in foreign lands for drug trafficking are almost always executed while we extend kid gloves treatment if not VIP treatment to foreigners especially Chinese nationals who are apprehended and convicted of the same offense here. There should be a similar punishment imposed on these foreign nationals as well as fellow Filipinos who introduce drugs into the country. If other countries treat illegal drugs as a threat to their citizenry and the whole society, why are we so soft in treating this menace in our own territory”? pahayag ni Barbers.

“China was firm in executing Filipinos yet we are being flooded with tons and tons of illegal drugs especialy shabu from China. It is a wonder that while China was very very hard on drug trafficking, the drugs that come to our shores originate from its ports. Yet, we have yet to see one Chinese convict being executed to deter others from commiting such heinous a crime. It seems that we have accepted all the exports from China, from POGOS to illegal gambling and kidnapping syndicates, sleeper cells, illegal drugs and what have you. It is obvious that we have become the dumping ground of the scums in their society, yet we seem to be oblivious to the what they are doing to our country. Our eyes seem to be wide shut,” giit pa ng mambabatas.

Sa tatlong panukala na inihain ni Barbers o ang panukala na buhayin ang parusang bitay sa mga heinous crimes lalo sa drug related offenses subalit ang kanyang House Bill 1543 ay nananatiling nakabinbin sa House Committee on Justice.

“It is long overdue that we seriously train out guns on the supply side of this illegal drug trade. If we can deter the foreign suppliers, we will send a strong signal that our people are not guinea pigs of their drugs. The continous inflow of drugs from China is a serious insult to our government and meant to belittle our laws, in the same way that they are not afraid of our military forces in the West Philippine Sea,” pagtatapos pa ni Barbers. Gail Mendoza

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