MY family recently enjoyed a four-day stay at two renowned hotels: the Hilton and Marriott, all thanks to our dear family friend, Zenaida Gutierrez.

First, we stayed one night at Hilton Manila. After a few days, we spent three nights at the Marriott Hotel. With me were my daughter, her two sons, and their caregiver Elmie. Though I had hoped for some leisure time after Congress recessed, work and school duties got in the way.

The joy of my two boys, Liam and Leonn, was of course our top priority. They enjoy swimming at any available pool, even makeshift ones at their Tita Lola Jennie’s residence, with their cousins. Liam, aged five, particularly loved swimming, evident in his sun-kissed complexion.

Liam eagerly did a countdown of the days until our departure. After experiencing one night at Hilton and three at Marriott, Liam diplomatically declared that he loved both hotels.

From a professional standpoint, I noticed distinctive merits of each establishment. Hilton boasted modern, immaculate rooms, whereas Marriott’s accommodations appeared slightly dated, with visible construction flaws. Undoubtedly, Hilton prevailed in room quality.

The children favored Hilton’s pools, despite their earlier closing time, at 8:00 p.m., compared to Marriott’s, at 10:00 p.m.

Marriott, however, excelled in its welcoming lobby, with numerous lounges and an entertainment area. Additionally, an art gallery overlooking the scenic Villamor Golf Club fairways enhanced its appeal.

Both Hilton and Marriott offer exceptional experiences, each with its unique charm. While Hilton impresses with its modernity and room standards, Marriott charms with its inviting lobby and artistic ambiance.

As our stay neared its end, bidding farewell proved difficult, especially for Liam, whose reluctance mirrored our shared sentiment—a desire to prolong the enchanting experience.

Though all good things must end, the memories forged will be cherished eternally, thanks to the graciousness of our dear friend Zenaida.