COMING to the rescue of President Bongbong Marcos Jr., Presidential Adviser on Poverty Alleviation Atty. Larry Gadon has asked Senate President Juan Miguel “Migz” Zubiri to better strip Senator Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa of his chairmanship of the committee on public order and dangerous drugs.

“What he (Dela Rosa) is doing is just a waste of people’s hard-earned money, conducting an inquiry based on hearsay is a waste of time and effort at the same time,” Gadon said.

He explained that there’s a huge difference between authenticity and credibility for which Dela Rosa was claiming that the document presented by former Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency agent Jonathan Morales was authentic.

“Anybody can just fill up an office form and claim it is authentic but if the superior rejects the report for lack of credibility then there is no report existing,” he added.

The presidential anti-poverty adviser said further that Dela Rosa was only relying on hearsay from his witness, Morales, who was described by the President as a ‘professional liar’ and likened him for a ‘jukebox.’

He then asked Zubiri to remove Dela Rosa as chairman of the committee.”

“Also, make him responsible for all the expenses incurred in several hearings already conducted and terminate the other planned hearings because it is only a waste of people’s money,” Gadon said.

The presidential adviser lamented that he missed the days of the ‘old Senate’ where senators discussed matters scholarly.

Moreover, he said he’s against the unwanted calls especially from the so-called ‘Duterte Diehard Supporters’ and other critics for the Chief Executive to undergo drug tests.

”This issue has already been cleared and it is not proper that every time there is a hearsay, they would ask the President to undergo a drug test, that’s ridiculous.”

“And why were they silent when Paolo Duterte (son of the former president and now Davao City lawmaker) refused to show for reason that it was hearsay the tattoo on his body as proof of his involvement with the drug syndicate?” he said.