PRESIDENTIAL Adviser on Poverty Alleviation Larry Gadon has challenged Vice President Sara Duterte to re-examine her position with the administration of President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. amid brewing tensions between her and First Lady Marie Louise ‘Liza’ Araneta-Marcos.

The secretary issued the challenge after the First Lady revealed that she had already crossed the line as her relationship with the Vice President who is concurrently the Department of Education secretary turned sour.

“Re-examine and reconcile with the direction and advocacy of the administration, it’s not too late to reconcile.”

“We campaigned together and we have a common goal for the country, it’s not too late to be united,” Gadon streesed.

This, as he expressed full support and sympathy to the First Lady who earlier said that she no longer thought well of the Vice President.

The wife of the President recalled when VP Duterte attended a ‘prayer rally’ in Davao in which her father, former President Rodrigo Duterte, accused the President of being a drug addict.

Gadon said he totally understood what the First Lady felt towards the Vice President.

“The turn of events has extremely hurt her.”

He said the ‘peace rally’ which was attended by the former President’s supporters and VP Duterte herself was more like of a destabilization move.

“Peace rally that turned a destabilization rally. Where can you find a peace, prayer rally where everyone was saying bad things about the national leader, the president at that?”

Of course, Mrs. Marcos was badly hurt hearing those things as she saw and felt the hardship of her husband while trying all his best for the country, Gadon said.

“I would suggest that VP ‘Inday’ Sara, who is also a friend as we were together during the political campaign, should re-examine her position.”

“VP Sara should be one with the President in facing the challenges of our country. Dapat samahan niya ang Presidente,” the presidential anti-poverty adviser said.

Good Riddance has asked him if his challenge to the vice president would also mean to show her true political color instead of doing things that were contradictory to her alliance with the administration, Secretary Gadon, however, declined to elaborate.